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Training Underrepresented Students via an Interdisciplinary Food Safety Outreach Program

Jeta Rudi-Polloshka(a), Amanda Lathrop(b), Karen Cannon(c) and Erin Krier(d)
Michigan State University (a), California Polytechnic State University (b), K.J. Cannon Consulting (c), Allan Hancock College (d)

JEL Codes: A12, A21, A22, A23
Keywords: Diversity, food safety, outreach, students

Publish Date: January 13, 2024
Volume 5, Issue 4

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Many higher education institutions strive to provide applied training to their students, such as by encouraging internships and including experiential learning activities in courses. This article summarizes students’ participation in an outreach program as an alternative form of receiving applied training while attending college. Funded by a governmental grant and implemented by faculty and students, an interdisciplinary food safety outreach program provided a learn-by-doing opportunity to students. This article summarizes students’ participation in the project under the leadership of faculty and concludes with a brief list of best practices for involving students in similar future projects.

About the Author: Jeta Rudi-Polloshka is an Assistant Professor with the Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics Department at Michigan State University ( Amanda Lathrop is a Professor with the Food Science and Nutrition Department, at California Polytechnic State University. Karen Cannon is the Principal of K.J. Cannon Consulting. (Formerly: Assistant Professor with the Agricultural Education and Communication Department at California Polytechnic State University). Erin Krier is an Instructor with the Agricultural Science Program at Allan Hancock College. Acknowledgments: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Institute of Food and Agriculture FSOP grant funding is gratefully acknowledged. Proposal Title: Supporting Underserved CA Leafy-Green Producers’ FSMA Compliance, through Interdisciplinary Food Safety, Communication and Marketing Training. Award number 2019-70020-30332. IRB Approval: IRB Committee, California Polytechnic State University, Project 2020-192.

Copyright is governed under Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA


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