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Equity and Inclusion as Cornerstones for Building Academic Programs in Agricultural and Applied Economics

Kenrett Jefferson-Moore(a), Lurleen Walters(b), and Del Ruff(a)
(a)North Carolina A&T State University, (b)Diverse AgEcon, LLC

JEL Codes: JEL Codes: Q00, M14
Keywords: Academic programs, diversity, equity, inclusion

Publish Date: January 2, 2024
Volume 6, Issue 1

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In this essay, we discuss the importance of equity and inclusion as necessary conditions for increased diversity in agricultural and applied economics and agribusiness (AAEAB) programs. Intentional commitment of resources and integrated strategic execution at the local (university) levels are essential if diverse outcomes and attendant benefits are to materialize.

About the Author: Kenrett Jefferson-Moore is a Professor and Chair with the Department of Agribusiness at North Carolina A&T State University. (Corresponding author Lurleen Walters is an Economic Consultant and Founder of Diverse AgEcon, LLC. Del Ruff is the Chief Diversity Officer at North Carolina A&T State University. Acknowledgments: The authors would like to thank the Food and Agricultural Education Information System and MANRRS.

Copyright is governed under Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA


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