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Teaching Water Economics Using Dynamics and a Political Economy Framework

David Zilberman(a), Scott Kaplan(b), Alice Huang(a), Lanie Goldberg(a)
(a)University of California Berkeley, (b)United States Naval Academy

JEL Codes: Q25, Q55, Q12, R12, P14
Keywords: Allocation, benefit-cost analysis, environment, evolution, political economy, water

Publish Date: August 16, 2023

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We propose a framework for a water economics course that analyzes water allocation in a dynamic context. The proposed course has six elements: first, an introduction to basic facts and features of the evolution of water systems; second, the political economy of water systems and their evolution over time; third, benefit-costbenefit-cost analysis and developing water supply chains; fourth, the pricing, allocation, and management of water; fifth, the environmental implications of water use; and sixth, global water issues. We present suggestions for exercises of each topic.

About the Author>/b>: David Zilberman is a Distinguished Professor and Robinson Chair with the Department of Agriculture and Resource Economics at the University of California Berkeley ( Scott Kaplan is an Assistant Professor with the Department of Economics at United States Naval Academy. Alice Huang is a PhD Student with the Department of Agriculture and Resource Economics at the University of California Berkeley. Lanie Goldberg is a Research Assistant with the Department of Agriculture and Resource Economics at the University of California Berkeley.

Copyright is governed under Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA


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